Why Volunteer

Its amazing what you can get up to in one of our placements. Roberta took time off from teaching the children in the daycare to play with the elephants.

Day off to play with Elephants?

A volunteering holiday with a genuine organisation will be better than any normal tourist holiday across the world for many people. Because in today’s world many are looking for new experiences in countries they wouldn’t of thought about visiting 10 years ago. And because of this a volunteering holiday can give you a real knowledge of what life is like behind the tourist areas in the country you are visiting.

Just by waking up in a rural farming community before heading to teach English to children who want to learn and want you to teach them will leave you feeling content with life.  Or having the knowledge that by staying in an orphanage you have helped keep a home for the children you stay with. Most people who volunteer in Nepal learn a lot about themselves in their experience and return home better for it.

Teaching English isnt all about work.

Teaching English isnt all about work.

And when you become a volunteer you become part of a family life completely different from your own.  You experience new ways of living, of doing things and at the same time helping other. In fact if you come away from a good volunteering experience you will have learnt something about yourself as well as teaching something new to the people you are helping.


You have the choice between a standard tourist holiday where people will smile at you and do everything you ask because you’re paying them or a volunteering holiday where you can learn about a new culture, yourself and experience people that are far different to where you are from.

And best of all help others at the same time.