Introduction to EHN & its team

Education & Health Nepal is a Non-profit organisation based in

Phil Palmer who is the main contact in Nepal

Nepal & UK that provides genuine low cost quality volunteer experience for people interested in seeing the real Nepal hidden behind the tourist areas. Founded in 2014 by Wayne Guttridge & Phil Palmer we have spent the last 5 years working in the two fields that make up our organisations name.

Both Wayne Guttridge and Phil Palmer have two aims only and they are to create an organisation that is 100% transparent and the difference it makes can be seen.  Our aim is to create a volunteering organisation run by volunteers that develop projects that help without creating a reliance on charitable donations. By using what Nepal has to offer the

. Wayne Guttridge main contact in the UK

world (The Himalayas and tourism) we hope to give people the chance of bettering their lives. Working with local schools to teach English, support long term projects by helping orphanages create a safe environment for the children and improve the medical care in the rural farming communities. But EHN isn’t just an organisation but has become a family of people who are interested in making a difference to other people’s lives.

And our belief is that volunteering should be fun as well as helping the local community so we work hard to provide an experience you never forget. By harnessing the power of international volunteering we target our support

Sunju who manages the accounts

for the poorest communities in Nepal where we aim to develop projects that bring lasting change. Because we ask that our volunteers to become part of our organisation to help bring about these changes through providing ideas and feedback because we are the channel that you volunteer with but without you we could not complete our work.

Raju our all rounder

In the future our aim is to expand into running a number of our own projects relating to the two fields of Education, Health by using the power of international volunteering. And we will achieve this by combining the talents of each volunteer that works with EHN. Simply put we want to be the best at using the talents that you have achieved to help the poorer communities of Nepal.


And by working closely with the communities we support them by not only providing them with volunteers but bringing new ideas in medicine, education and hope for the future.