How sponsorship helps


Durga has been sponsored by Laura and Craig  from Tunbridge Wells,Kent since 2010 when she was just 4 years old. She is one of four siblings but sadly, two of her sisters are disabled. Her father is deaf and he and her mother both work manual jobs crushing and carrying stones on building sites to support the family.

Durga has consistently worked hard in school and gets good grades. Now 12 years old, she plans to continue her studies at college and thinks she might like to become a teacher.

 Deepak  was the first child to be sponsored by Progress Nepal and the reason this all began! We met him when he was just 4 years old, living with his 18 year old brother Dil  in a rented room who was working hard on a low wage to support the two of them. We began sponsoring his education in 2007 to enable his older brother the freedom to study at college.

Deepak immediately began scoring grades among the highest in his class and has not disappointed us since! Now 14, Deepak is planning to attend college to become an engineer.