Are you interested in sponsoring a child?

Sponsoring a child is a serious matter  because its the child’s future that we are dealing with so our obligation to the child can last for over 10 years of their education. And because we know the backgrounds of these children we will not put them in any risk of having education for several years and then it stopping because the money has run out. So please think carefully and if you feel you are confident that you can help then we are happy to have you. 

Our promise to you is we will be open and honest, you will be the only person who knows who you are sponsoring and will get regular updates from Nepal.

Helping them to attend school

Both EHN & Progress Nepal will never display a sponsored child’s photo online because its our duty to protect them. As the child grows older we are thinking of trying to raise more money so we can send them to college so rather than ask you for more sponsorship we would pair you with another sponsor to cover the costs. 


Please contact on the form below and start the process of helping a child gain a better education. 

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