Support A School

Work in small classrooms in rural Nepal

EHN has established itself as a Nepali NGO & UK charity that works in the field of education and health. One of these projects will be the twinning of schools in Nepal with ones from other countries with an aim to create closer relations between both schools and our volunteer organisation.  Because taking on the responsibility of a child’s education is a big step for many people because not only must you be financially secure for that year but also for the length of time the child will be in education. And when an average education can last 10 years this is a lengthy commitment. So at EHN we have decided to look at this in a different way and our aim in the near future is to create a system that collects donations from various people which we will then spend on different schools.

Supporting students like these for a better education

If you are interested in such a project there are many ways you can help. The first way is donating money for the school and asking it to be spent on various items for the students. The second is to become more involved by setting up regular fundraising events & for this we would introduce you to the school Head and liaise with you on ideas as well as helping to provide vital feedback on where the money has been spent. The third way is a little harder and it involves a little more time and effort on your part but it is also more rewarding. This way we would look towards supporters building trekking teams interested in coming to Nepal, trekking in the greatest mountain range in the world then visiting the school where they money would be spent.

We have partnered with three schools where we can spend the donations on equipment and upkeep of the school.  This will help EHN forge closer ties with each school and implement new ways of teaching and support to help the children there. So if you are interested in supporting education in Nepal or even sponsoring a child`s education

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