EHN Teaching project

After spending a number of years living in Nepal EHN have developed a healthy respect for the people living there especially those that live in the rural communities.  Where life is hard but families have strong roots and all want the best for their children which often results in them moving away to the cities in order to gain an education and prospect of a better job. And this journey starts in the village where the Nepali government has set up many schools but struggle to fund, staff and run them. Especially as you will find many private schools in the same areas offering a slightly better alternative for their children and many parents struggle to pay so their children can achieve a better education.   

Painting the classrooms in all schools.

But the reality is simple  if you are from a poor family then you will study at a government school if your family has a little money then you go to a private school which over the years have resulted in a divide in education standards.

 So following our guidelines as set down by the founders you will find EHN works with government schools from the rural areas in placing English speaking volunteers to help teach there. But as our organisation grows our aim is to do so much more so please if you are a teacher, teaching student or work in any of the teaching colleges around the world and can help with the following then contact Wayne at

My aim is to build an education development centre that acts as a focal point for other organisations, charities, Universities & colleges across the world to work with us in helping to develop new ideas for rural schools in Nepal. 

A Nepali assembly

From this centre we will be able to invite professionals to work with our Nepali team where a Western idea will be introduced & then adapted into working in the Nepali environment.

The second is to develop a number of speaking classes to help students improve their confidence in spoken English which in turn helps with employment in one of the biggest industries in Nepal, Tourism.

The centre itself will be tied into working with our sister organisation called Minas Dream set up specifically to build the centre using what Nepal has to offer the world. Press Here for more details. So if you can help in twinning schools from the West with rural schools in Nepal and building a strong network or have any other ideas that can help us move forward then please email Wayne at