EHN & the Jyoti Secondary School

Education is a major key to Nepal becoming a developed country and EHN will do its part in helping the children of Nepal achieve a better future. Now the school system is split (as in many countries) into private and government with the parents of children sending their children to private schools at great expense. The children who attend the government schools are the ones that need the support so EHN has teamed up with the Jyoti Secondary School between the Rupa & Begnas lakes in Pokhara. Working closely with its Headmaster Maniram Kadel our aim is to recruit international volunteers to first teach at the school to improve the education and teaching techniques.  We also want volunteers to record their ideas, successes and sometimes failures so we can help develop a system to help improve the education in other government schools.

The aim of this is simple, in a percentage of government schools across Nepal there are a large number of children that don’t pass the SLC, (school leaving certificate) which in turn leaves them without access to college and hopefully a better future.


 The school itself is near the beautiful city of Pokhara approximately 200 kms away from Kathmandu and is the entrance to the Annapurna range.  And has been built between the two lakes of Rupa & Begnas and is currently teaching 205 students with 15 staff members.  Divided up into 2 building and 16 rooms with 12 of them for teaching, one office, one library, one computer and one for a science lab and all of them under equipped. We have just finished a painting project with the school (see photos on the page) and our next step is to start developing a support system for the teachers and children. So if you have an idea that could help or have set up a similar project and can advise then please get in touch. Because this is a project that will be made, designed, altered by each of the volunteers that come here.

We need the following

1.       Experienced teachers who can volunteer here not only to teach the children but also to interact with the teachers and share new teaching ideas.

2.       Equipment for the school, if you are planning to raise money or donate to EHN and you want it spent on the school please let us know.

3.       And we are looking for a school in the UK interested in partnering with our school to build a project of sharing knowledge between the children. If you are a teacher in a school in the UK and are interested in expanding your children knowledge of the world then please get in touch.